Vosecká bouda/chalet

Vosecká bouda/chalet is a mountain hotel situated in western Giant Mountains in the first Zone of Giant Mountains National Park (KRNAP), sits at an altitude of 1260 m. It was established before the year 1743 as a hay-loft, and in about 1790 it served as an shelter for woodcutters and as a farm outhouse. The chalet had been called "New Czech" or "Franciscan" - after a monk who dwelt here. The name "Vosecká" originated in the name of the meadow surrounding the chalet. The chalet was used for tourism from 1896, and in 1900 it was rebuilt and enlarged. The present look is the result of reconstruction after World War II. The chalet was one a few Giant Mountains ridge chalets that was never hit by a fire. Its other rarity is the absence of electricity. Electrical power is supplied by a diesel engine generator. The main access road, eight kilometers long, goes from Harrachov by the Mumlava waterfall and along the Mumlava valley to "Krakonošova snídaně", where the road turns to the north and continues through the forest up to the "Vosecká bouda". The road changes in winter into the "Ski-highway", open and fit for cross-country skiers or the able hikers. (The other access route is so-called "Telephone path\“, a more direct but also more difficult route, recommended during winter for skiers only) The biggest Czech river Labe spouts about three kilometers east of the Vosecká bouda.